Modern Sounds 4 Kids

Modern Sounds 4 Kids = MSV’s projects for kids

Modern Sounds 4 Kids = a wonderful production of “Paula und die Vogelhochzeit“ (2016) and the musical “Die Kräuterhexe Rosmarina” (2018) – the latter of which is now being translated into English and French (other languages coming soon) and transformed into a handsome little book with music and beautiful paintings.

We want children and their families to experience and get to know different music styles and instruments. In a relaxing atmosphere also the youngest concert-goers will be actively following and enjoying the play.


Rosmarina, the funny witch, with her cat and her fox.




Modern Sounds Vienna interpret well-known (Austrian/German) children’s songs:

Alle meine Entchen…

Alle Vöglein sind schon da…


MSV 4 Kids Trio

MSV 4 Kids